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Head Office: Kempton Park JHB
+27 31 701 1137

Heavy Duty Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

The Failsafe heavy-duty vehicle suppression system technically ranks with the world’s best, and leads the field in respect of automatic detection and optional actuation devices.

The excellence of the Failsafe Vehicle Fire Suppression System is due to various controls and devices unique to the Failsafe product.


The system protects heavy-duty haulers, production machines, drag
lines, underground mining vehicles and other commercial/industrial

Type of System:

A multi-purpose powder is stored in pressurised cylinders, with a
discharge distribution piping system to protect the engine and
hydraulics. For high powered systems we elect to use ABC 90 dry
chemical powder and all systems can be refilled and recharged on site.

Unique Features:

The Failsafe product has a unique mechanical device whereby each
powder agent tank can be tested mechanically, including the pressure
gauge without any loss of pressure. This device also allows for the
safe lock-out of the suppression system when the vehicle undergoes

Automated Detection Option:

A unique self-monitoring detection system is also available. This system is a pneumatic mechanical device and therefore does not depend on any electrical supply.

Approvals and Design:

Powder (SABS: UL: FM) Hose and Fittings (SAE)
Agent Tanks (SABS) NFPA 17 Design