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Head Office: Kempton Park JHB
+27 31 701 1137

Light Duty Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Light Duty Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

This Failsafe Fire 2.5kg System is a fully automatic fire detection and
suppression system requiring no human intervention for system actuation.


It consists of a single 2.5kg stored pressure cylinder containing a high
quality fire fighting powder specially suited to this application.

Type of System

A pressure heat sensitive 5m red tube runs from the cylinder valve in a specially selected route covering the main ignition points of possible fires.

Unique Features

When a fire develops the heat sensitive detection tube will melt and
rupture in the exact location of the heat source.

Large quantities of powder are not needed as the fire is addressed early at its source and powder is not wasted spraying areas it is not needed.
This unique efficient system facilitates the use of small cylinder volumes specially suited to areas of limited space.


Servicing is required every 3 months by Failsafe Fire Projects technicians for efficient system operation.